Frying Coffee Corn Production Line

Frying Coffee Corn Production Line
  • Flavor Mixer
  • Flavor Mixer
  • Coffee Corn
  • Sugar Cooking Pot
  • Air Flow puffing machine
Frying Coffee Corn Production Line
  • MOQ:1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port/Shanghai Port,China


GELGOOG coffee corn processing line is an ideal processing equipment to making coffee corn, coffee buckwheat etc. The whole line including Sugar Cooking Pot, Hot Air Circulating Dryer, Air Flow puffing machine, Automatic Fryer Machine, Flavor Mixer Machine and Automatic Packing Machine. All machine with high quality.
Corn puffing machine can puffing soybean, rice, corn, millet, wheat, buckwheat etc, high efficiency, big output, low energy consumption, easy operation, save and long service life. The puffing machine can use electric heating, natural gas heating and liquefied gas heating, multiple choice. The cooking port is mainly used for candy, rice crisp, beverage, pharmaceutical and other processing; the hot air circulation drying machine for candy, fruit cakes, frozen rice seeds, medicines, etc; the automatic fryer has automatic temperature control system to ensure stable product quality, pneumatic improve the material, the operation more convenient, to facilitate replacement of the mixing port, enabling semi-automated production, various forms of combustion system can adapt to different environments.
The corn flavor of the products can be coffee, cream, sesame, peppery etc, very popular all over the world. The coffee corn production line is economical, practical and popular.
1. The flavor of the products can be coffee, cream, sesame, peppery etc.
1. To save energy: puffing extrusion machine than small releases raw materials saving a third of energy.
2. The products processed by this line have a uniform color and size, good taste.
3. High yield, low energy consumption and high safety
4. Reliable performance, simple construction stable operation, long service life.
5. High automatic, stand-alone machine can be controlled separately, simple operation and easy maintenance
6. The plant is a new generation product developed exclusively in China based on the advanced structure of existing plants from domestic market and abroad.
7. We have approved by CE, ISO and SGS. They all are proves of our high quality.
8. The production line capacity can be choose according to customer special requirements.

Technical Data

Equipment Name Power (kw) Output
Dimension (mm) Quantity
GG-600 Sugar Cooking Pot 32 100-300 1700*1240*1110 1
GG-408 Hot Air Circulating Dryer 4.8 150-200 5600*1600*1600 1
GG-120 Air Flow puffing machine 0.75 100 1800*800*1200 2
GG-1200 Automatic Fryer(heat) 26 100-200 1600*1600*1500 1
GG-680 Flavor Mixer 1.1 150 950*580*1200 1
GG-100 Automatic Packing Machine 2.2 100-150 970*680*1950 1


Q:1.Can I use these machine making different shape cereal bar? 
A:Yes,you can change different molds.
Q:2.What’s the voltage of your machines?
A:220V/380V,other voltage can be customized.
Q:3.How can I get quotation?
A:Send your requirements and leave your email,we will send you quotation soon.
Q:4.Can this puffing machine also use for corn and millet?
A:Yes,sure,it also can use for wheat and other grains.
Q:5.Which kind of payment method you can accept?
A:T/T.Western Union,L/C.


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