Stainless Steel Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine|Melon Seeds Roaster 180KG/H

Stainless Steel Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine|Melon Seeds Roaster 180KG/H
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  • Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine
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Stainless Steel Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine|Melon Seeds Roaster 180KG/H
  • MOQ:1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 200 Sets per Month Set/Sets Per Month
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Description of Melon Seeds Roaster Machine
The roasting machine is mainly used for peanuts, broad beans, coffee beans, cocoa bean, melon seeds, nuts and other grainy materials. 
melon seed roasting machine
The whole cocoa bean roaster machine is made of stainless steel plate, rotary cage is 5 times longer than that of the ordinary screen. Special clutch design, all parts after precision machining, to prevent sudden power loss caused by unnecessary loss.

Working Principle of Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine
The heat is generated by the work of the electric heating tube, and the material is dried by the infrared radiation and the convection of the hot air. The roasted material tastes pure. During the heating process, the cylinder rotates continuously so that the material is heated evenly, so there is no spot and paste phenomenon. The utility model has the advantages of energy saving, safety, sanitation, convenience and easy operation. The automatic temperature control.0 - 300 degree adjustment is free, with manual clutch to prevent sudden power failure, so as not to cause waste.
melon seed roaster machine
The melon seeds roasting machine is mainly composed of frame, hopper, cylinder and fire shield. The motor drives the gear shaft through the triangle belt, the gear on the gear shaft drives the big gear on the cylinder to rotate, so the cylinder continuously and evenly rotates, and the material is fed from the hopper to the cylinder for steaming and stir frying.

Because this type of frying pan is closed, control the heat out of the outside, play the role of both steam and stir, so as to speed up the speed of seed. Another advantage of the cocoa bean roaster is continuous turnover. The frying material is constantly turning, so that the surface can be evenly contacted with the pot surface, avoiding the defects of uncooked, unburned, easy burning and easy burning of the frying pan, which improves the oil yield and oil quality.
The Advantages of Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine
1. Reasonable layout, low power consumption, high efficiency, roasted cocoa beans is healthy.
2. This roaster machine is easy to operate, mixing evenly, to rotate out of normal roasted seeds and nuts.
3. The roller is heated evenly, and has the heat preservation function, the heat efficiency is high, the energy saving, the money saving and the effect are good. 
Our company can be customized according to customer requirements of various types of stainless steel cocoa bean roasting machine, melon seeds roaster, hope to inquire thank you for your cooperation.

Technical Data

Model GGMHK-2
Dimension 3000*2200*1700mm
Output 180-250 kg/h
Power 2.2 kw
Electric Heating 35 kw
Gas Heating 3-6 kg



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